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BackBaller Double Foam Roller

BackBaller Double Foam Roller


The BackBaller‚ is specifically designed to self-treat muscles in your upper lower back. Due to the stability control offered it goes beyond is now the foremost product to knead out all muscle groups. For optimum benefit follow our 20min program regularly unlock the door to your athletic potential.



  • NEW Design Backballer with Teeth
  • Erogomic Design
  • Steel Bearings
  • Neoprene Grips
  • High Density EVA Rollers
  • Minimal Spinal Contact
  • Self-treat Muscles in Your Upper Lower Back
  • Improve Flexiility Joint Range Of Motion
  • Accelerate Recover From Training
  • Increase Tissue Pliability
  • Diminish Aches Pains
  • Includes Exercises for: Back, Calf, Glutes, Groin, Hamstring, Lats, Quads, Shins, IT Band
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