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Individualised, patient-centered rehabilitation & Therapy

Our primary objective at Precision Therapy Clinic is to provide a safe and welcome environment for all patients ensuring they are heard and understood.


We utilize top quality diagnostic assessments and treatment techniques which are tried and proven to lead patients on the road to recovery.


We assess all aspects of what could be causing your injury to ensure an accurate and complete diagnosis is made.

Sports Injury


Care Standards

The highest standard of care to help you recover from any injurie you may have

Latest Therapies

All treatments used by our staff are the latest advancements in sports medicine


Exercise Prescription

We will provide exercises to help aid your rehabilitation once treated here at our clinics

Why Choose Us?


What to expect when you come to the clinic?
Sessions vary in length but are usually 45 minutes long.
The first session may be longer to allow for an in-depth client history taking, postural analysis, along with orthopaedic and neurological testing if needed to allow for an accurate diagnosis before treatment begins.


Recovery Room

Our recovery rooms are the perfect way to aid recovery after training, physio session or after any exercise.

David got involved as our club physio,  I then had to go to him myself with a lock up in my back. After two or three sessions with David I felt great on the feet again and ever since then, any issues I've had with my club or county David has always been there. It's great to have such a great physio involved with us and I look forward to the future with him.

Austin Gleeson, Waterford Senior Hurler


Client Testimonials

Excellent, I went to David with a Hamstring injury and found him to be very helpful and informative. He went through a comprehensive treatment of the injury and gave me some great advice.

Bill Dempsey

I wouldn't go past David in a million years. He got me through my first marathon without an ache and I have suffered for years with injuries. David's initial consultation is so thorough that he knows exactly where the problem stems from which makes it so much easier to remedy. 5 star treatment

Gail Walsh

David was brilliant; very thorough at the start, getting all information on my injury before starting any treatment. Great after care service too, follow up messages to see how recovery was going and how the body responded to treatment. Would highly recommend

Kevin Burns


You may be able to claim a refund from your health insurers to cover or partially cover the cost of Physical Therapy services.

It is possible to claim back some of the fees for treatments, for those with certain health insurance policies.

The amount you can claim back from your health insurer varies depending on your level of cover, so we recommend you contact your health insurance company for further information.

If you are a tax payer you can claim treatment expenses against your tax by using the Med 1 Form (available from

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